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Professional "Renegade"  Photography by Steve Danatzko
"A picture is worth a thousand words, but a great picture will leave you speechless."
- anonymous

New Pricing Information - Effective October 1, 2012 after midnight.

Size of
PriceS & H Detail added ($7)
4x6$9$4not available
5x7$17$4not available
8x10$33$4Total $41
11x14$55$6Total $68
16x20$90$6Total $103

Unfortunately, the lab increased their prices, and I have little choice but to pass on the increase. They changed their prices effective 12:00AM October 1, 2012. Any orders that I receive after 12:00AM October 2, 2012 will be based on the new prices. Thank you for your understanding.

The prices shown above are for the FIRST copy. If you want more than one copy of the same photograph in any of the above sizes, second and subsequent copies are 75% of the above price for each copy. Larger sizes vary both in shipping and handling and per individual copy.

For larger sizes, you can request details be added. If you want the name of the horse and / or the rider, these can be added to the photograph. The detail will be centered, near the bottom, ON THE PHOTOGRAPH.

Personal Use Specialty items are also available (greeting cards, calendars, coffee cups, T-shirts, etc.) and can be discussed at the time of order.

I am a photographer. My specialty is with the photograph. To be honest, framers, specialty item producers and whatever else you may want done with your photographs, can be done with a local processor who's emphasis is making these items. Probably, at substantial savings over my estimate. Your local processor should be friendly and happy to help with your specific order. For items like this, we discuss the cost of producing an appropriate file for use with your item.

All images are digital, and are processed to standard film printing sizes. Initial cropping and image adjustment is at my discretion. If you want specific cropping and modifications of the image, that can also be discussed at time of order. These enhancements would require an additional fee for digital editing. The fee would not be known until the image was completed, but would be based on an hourly rate of $60.00 an hour, in 15 minute increments.

Our ordering form is complete and is available where indicated on the various pages.

Delivery is usually within one week of submission to the lab. Photographs are mailed directly from the lab to the client through the US Postal System. If damage to the photograph should occur due to delivery, this must be negotiated with the postal carrier.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me with details.

Hosting farms, stables or clubs are entitled to a free internet quality version of any 15 images, from each individual event, for use on their web site. This can be supplied as a slideshow that I produce for them, or as individual images they choose to arrange. This is my way of saying "Thank You" for allowing me to photograph their event. Each image will have a small Prints of Pride copyright notice.

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