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Professional "Renegade"  Photography by Steve Danatzko
"A picture is worth a thousand words, but a great picture will leave you speechless."
- anonymous

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NEMHC - Visit their homepage for more information.

Graham Equestrian Center Gaited Horse Show - Spring Lake State Park, Glen Rock, Pa - Oct 11, 2008

We were not expecting to have anyone request the photos be displayed, so we did not take good records of the class order. Also, we did not capture all classes. Our apologies to anyone we missed.

Classes 1-6     Classes 7-12     Classes 13-23     Lunch/Candids     Classes 24-29     Classes 30-35     Classes 36-39    

NEMHC Trail Ride, Coatesville, PA - August 2, 2008

Trail Run, August 2, 2008

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