MomReina Crocheted Gifts

"Love by the yarn!"

If you see something you might like, or have an idea all your own, use this link to send me an email with the details and we'll see how we can move from there. If you're using Firefox, please send an email to if you have any questions about ordering or purchasing an item on the site. Thank you for your time.,

I am a semi-retired young grandmother, who enjoys (well, maybe is addicted to) the craft of crocheting. Below is a sampling of some of the various items I have crafted. Mostly used as personal gifts, I have had a few inquiries (and successes) about selling various items. Hopefully you will like some of my gift ideas.

Very few things suggest a stronger feeling toward family and friends than when you give someone a gift that has been hand made. Unfortunately, in todays' world, very few of us have much free time to dedicate to such a project. That is where I might be able to help you.